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Gallery of re-designed, heirloom wedding dresses

Each heirloom bridal gown shown was altered, re-fitted and re-fashioned — with the right touch of respect and creativity to make a fond memory into the perfect wedding dress. Claudine can do it for you, too!

Heirloom wedding dresses refashioned by Claudine: Carol W.Christina M.KristinLaura B.Marla P.Tara C.DanikaKristinAlso see our custom couture bridal gowns.

Heirloom Wedding Gowns

Click any bride's name, above, to view her heirloom wedding gown redesign or update.

Sensitivity to the bride's wishes, and special knowledge of vintage fabrics and construction, are key to successfully redesigning heirloom wedding dresses.

Heirloom Wedding Dresses — Delicate Choices

If you have the opportunity to use the bridal gown worn by a cherished parent or (great) grandparent, Claudine can help with decisions that are part sentimental and part practical.

redesigned heirloom wedding dresses

Fresh and Glowing

A vintage gown needn't look its age. On the big day, your heirloom wedding dress can look as fresh and new as the life you are about to begin.

Just be sure to consult early with an expert who understands vintage and antique fabrics! Claudine has repaired and restored many fine gowns from the past.

Restore, Adapt or Re-design?

With all respect for the heirloom gown, it must work well for the bride or neither of them will look their best. Claudine can guide you sensitively through the process of finding a harmonious balance in your dream gown.

A Vintage Grace Note

Sometimes there are reasons not to use the heirloom dress. Perhaps the fabric is too fragile. Maybe it can't be adapted well or is too precious to alter.

You may still introduce a grace note from the vintage garment. Perhaps a bit of lace from it can be worked into a new veil or become part of the bouquet. A ribbon can find a dozen uses. Or wearing a piece of family jewelry can pay respect to the past while complementing your perfect wedding style. Claudine will be delighted to explore your options with you!

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