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Caring for Your Dress

From Pick Up to the Walk Down the Aisle

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You are on your way to pick up that precious wedding gown you have always dreamed of and you start thinking. Will the gown be okay in the car at the airport while I pick up Aunt Lulu and Uncle Rob? Including the care and transport of your wedding gown and accessories in your planning will eliminate a myriad of adverse woes. Create a plan to care for your gown from the time you pick it up to the walk down the aisle.

With Just a Bit of Planning, Your Wedding Day Will Be a Delightful Event

The goal: Look as picture perfect at the altar as in the dress salon.

wedding gown care instructions

Pre Pick-Up — Where Is Your Gown Going?

You will need to know when the gown must be picked up from the bridal salon; a day or weeks before the wedding are possibilities.

Pamper yourself: Plan ahead whose helping hands you will want under your petticoats. (And please, adjust hosiery and put on shoes before donning the dress!)

wedding dresses care instructions

Picking Up the Gown

Well intentioned: Hanging a gown like this causes wrinkles and can affect the drape.

caring for wedding dresses

Carrying and Loading

Throwing your neatly pressed gown over one arm is a no-no.

Getting Dressed — Avoiding Wrinkles and Spots

The moment has come for you to don your wedding attire; your hair and make-up are perfect, now where to start. With a little planning, you will glide down the aisle without wrinkles and spots.

Wait for it: If you want this photo in your album, wait until after the event and just before you take off the gown to avoid wrinkles in your ceremony.

caring for wedding gowns

Emergency Wrinkle and Spot Removal

You made your plan, fluffed, blotted and protected yet the nightmare has occurred. Practicing the following techniques on other garments prior to your wedding day will have you completely prepared.

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